Why The Industry Chooses Us

Many of New York’s leading architects, engineers, real estate developers, institutions, general contractors and private building owners depend on Koenig Iron Works for their structural steel fabrication, stairs and railings, and miscellaneous iron work. Our specialties also include expertise in new construction, repair and renovation work, field erection, cost and design estimates, and project planning and safety.

Koenig has developed long-term relationships with many of our clients because they know that our century of experience can make a critical difference in the outcome of their project. We have completed many difficult and high-profile jobs during that time and have never found a job that is too large or too complicated. We are experienced in handling a wide range of structural obstacles, on-site crane work, and have the capability to adapt to any job requirement. In addition, our large, technologically advanced facility and cutting-edge equipment allows us to continually develop new methods and techniques to save you time and money.