Instructions for Use of the Koenig Secure Upload

You may upload documents up to 5GB* in size on our secure upload page by clicking on the button below.  On the upload page (similar to the image on the right) our email address will already be populated in the dialog box on the left side of the screen.  Enter your preferred email address in the text box above it and your message in the text box below it.

Use the “+Add files” button to launch your computer’s file explorer window and navigate to the file or files you wish to upload.  If you wish to password protect your upload you may do so by clicking on the open lock icon on the lower right hand corner of the dialog box.  A password text box will appear and you should insert a password.  If you choose your own password, please remember to forward that to us in a separate email.  We recommend that you use the word “k2ny” for any but the most sensitive documents.  Once you have entered a password the lock icon will appear to be locked.  You may now click on “transfer”.

Confirmation of your upload will be sent to the email address you specified in the dialog box.  You will also receive a confirmation email once we have opened your uploaded documents.


When you're ready to continue - click the red button.

To return to this page from the upload page, click anywhere in the background image.
*If you are not using a modern, up-to-date browser you may be downgraded to a 2GB transfer limit.