Our Clients Are Talking

A most kind endorsement from Mr. John P. Darby, Vice President of Facilities at The Shubert Organization.

“Koenig Iron Works (KIW) has successfully served The Shubert Organization for literally decades, going back to at least the 1970’s .  They have provided for all of our iron work needs, including structural steel for major building alterations, steel for backstage facilities (gridirons, flyfloors, main girders for reconstructed stages, etc.), and miscellaneous needs such as catwalks, platforms, ladders, roof dunnage, exterior fire escapes, etc.  They have provided for fast and efficient repairs to any building elements involving metal work.  They have accommodated shows in our theatres such as custom railings and grilles, and custom castings.  They have sometimes replicated existing building elements and in other cases provided enhanced ornamental features.  On the faces of our theatre buildings, they have created and modified marquee canopies as well as worked on sign structures and anchorages.  They have even modified theatre chairs and provided custom hardware to make fixed seating easy to quickly remove and reinstall.

All of this work is realized with a skilled, efficient, and highly experienced staff. Their project managers have worked well with many of the leading structural engineers who serve our industry, as well as with our architects and other designers.  The KIW staff is capable of developing design solutions to facilitate projects, and they can provide sketches, shop drawings, and other planning materials as work demands.  They are well-versed in standard construction practices sequences, but can also fast-track and work/think outside the box when situations call for a creative or customized approach.  Leading the company, Barry Leistner, has never failed to accommodate Shubert’s needs and demands, even when extreme schedules or field conditions present seemingly impossible challenges.

We unhesitatingly and fully recommend Koenig Iron Works as a premium contractor that can furnish any metalworking needs.”

And this from Mr. Joe Regele, President of Regele Builders, Inc.

“Regele Builders is a general contractor and construction manager that has been in business in New York City since 1977. Not an easy thing to do, but one of the things that has made it possible and at times even enjoyable has been Koenig Iron Works.

We first worked with Koenig Iron Works on a loft conversion in Tribeca in 1985. Since then and over the years, we have worked with Koenig on numerous projects big and small, simple and fancy. Highlights have been the Guggenheim Museum Soho, Instituto Cervantes on 49th Street, and the erection of a nine-story building at 163 Charles St.

Through it all, Koenig has provided top-quality work, first-class project management, staff support, and engineering. They provide sophisticated input based on years of experience, greatly enhancing not only the end product but also our ability to execute complicated designs. They back up flawless shop drawings
with state of the art fabrication, and gently nudge design professionals in the correct direction to assure that a project will be successful.

There is a difference between price and value. Koenig Iron Works is not the least expensive shop in town, but experience has shown us over and over again that their value to our projects is a great bargain.”

This, too,  has been said of us by Mr. Christian Pompa, President Caro Enterprises, Inc.

“I have worked with Koenig Iron works and Barry Leistner for over 30 years.

They have completed many projects for me of various scopes and sizes, including major structural steel work as well as providing miscellaneous steel and ornamental iron work. I have always been extremely impressed by their attention, timeliness and assistance.

The project managers are very knowledgeable and always willing to assist us with suggestions for value engineering and field layout.

I strongly recommend their services for any project regardless of scope. I have never been disappointed with their work, professionalism and effort.”


We wish to thank all of our valued clients for their continued support. We will never let you down.