Our Staff

Barry Leistner
Barry LeistnerPresident & CEO

Mr. Leistner has worked at Koenig Iron Works, Inc. since 1972, and has held the position of President since August 1979. He is a graduate of C.W. Post College where he earned a B.S. degree in science. Mr. Leistner has over 40 years of experience in all phases of construction, including an extensive background in the estimation, design, fabrication, and erection of structural and miscellaneous steel.

Mr. Leistner is an owner and managing member of several real estate development companies, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Nathan’s Famous Inc., a publicly held food service, real estate, and franchising company.

Alan Guthertz
Alan GuthertzCFO

Mr. Guthertz has been employed as Chief Financial Officer for Koenig Iron Works, Inc. since September 1991. He graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1977 with a B.S. degree in science, and is a New York State Certified Public Accountant and member of the New York State Society of CPA’s since 1979. Mr. Guthertz has over 35 years of financial and accounting experience. He has an extensive background in construction accounting procedures and policies, tax preparation and compliance, job costing, personnel management, union contracts, banking, computer operations, insurance, and risk management.

Mr. Guthertz had previously worked for 12 years for certified public accounting firms, performing audits and tax services for various manufacturing and real estate companies. In addition, he worked three years as the controller for Nathan’s Famous Inc., a publicly held food service, real estate, and franchising company.

Nick Morisset
Nick MorissetChief Operating Officer

Mr. Morisset has been in charge of Operations for Koenig Iron Works, Inc. since December 2009, and has been working for the company as a project manager since 2005. He graduated from the University of Quebec in 1998 where he earned a B.S. degree in engineering. Mr. Morisset has over 15 years of experience in building construction including estimating, design, fabrication, and erection of structural and miscellaneous metals.

Mr. Morisset previously worked as a project manager for steel companies in the New York metropolitan area where he managed highly-regarded projects across the North East. He also worked as a field engineer, estimator, and a sales coordinator earlier in his career.

Knowledgeable Staff

To meet our customers’ needs, we employ a full staff of design/cost experts and craftsmen.  Our skilled personnel allow us to offer our clients detailed advice and cost-cutting measures necessary to meet any project budget. Our staff is dedicated to the business of ironwork and highly qualified in their respective disciplines. Koenig Iron Works encourages its staff to keep pace with industry changes, encouraging  and enhancing their craft through in-house training and continuing education programs.

More Of Our Valued Team Members

Thomas Ryan
Thomas RyanDirector, Blacksmithing and Foundry Operations

Mr. Ryan has been employed as Head Blacksmith at Koenig Iron Works since 1998. Mr. Ryan’s journey in the decorative metal arts began in 1984, at the age of 20, when he moved from Boston to Great Britain to pursue a traditional apprenticeship in the ancient craft of Blacksmithing.  After gaining a broad range of training from the industrial forges of Sheffield, to significant restoration projects that included work on the iconic ironwork at Hampton Court Palace, London, he later traveled to France to further his training in architectural ironwork. Mr. Ryan is experienced in the application of a wide spectrum of metals, both ferrous and non ferrous, by forging, sand casting, or other metalworking techniques, to create complex and unique decorative and artistic metalwork such as stair and balcony railings, estate gates, lighting fixtures, and metal furniture in any architectural style desired and in a variety of finishes.

Rajiv Paralkar
Rajiv ParalkarChief Estimator

Mr. Paralkar has been employed by Koenig Iron Works, Inc. since 1986 and has held the position of Chief Estimator since 2003. He is a graduate of the University of Bombay, Mumbai, India with a B.S. in civil engineering, and an M.S. in engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ. Mr. Paralkar has over 32 years of experience in estimating and budgeting projects of all sizes and is well versed in preparing project budgets from concept to completion. He has a proven track record in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and general contractors throughout the New York metropolitan area. Prior to Koenig, Mr. Paralkar worked as an engineer at City and Industrial Development Corporation, located in New Bombay, India, where he was involved in the budget and construction process for the company’s Satellite City project of New Mumbai from 1981 to 1985.

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